Young People

Nearly 1 million young people in the UK are diagnosed with a mental health problem. These can present themselves in many ways from changes in behaviour to self-harming. Often these are as a result of quite ordinary experiences as a child makes their transition to adulthood but sometimes they can be a result of trauma such as bereavement, bullying, abuse, conflict or recent change in circumstances.

Our practice provides a confidential, safe environment for young people, through one-to-one counselling, that provides them with the opportunity to learn about what they’re feeling and how to respond to challenges with healthy coping skills.

Children age 5-11 are invited to use the medium of play to express their feelings and difficult life experiences and through play we will help them understand stressful events, resolve complex issues and make sense of these difficult life experiences. Older children and adolescents are offered non-directive counselling which may also include elements of play.

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Ante & Postnatal

The arrival of a new child in your life can be a joyful experience but it is also expected that the transition to motherhood brings with it a broad range of conflicting feelings, expectations and pressures. There are physical and emotional changes during pregnancy and after childbirth. You may feel sad, anxious, tired and may worry about your future attachment to a new child and the responsibility that it brings.

These feelings can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed that may present themselves in the form of mood changes, weeping, exhaustion and difficulty with sleeping. Whilst expected, sometimes these feelings persist or worsen, leading to sadness, a loss of joy, irritability, or concern about mothering skills.

Our practice offers one-to-one counselling support to expectant mothers and those who have recently given birth during which we will work together to learn about your feelings, thoughts and behaviours and how to respond to these challenging situations with healthy coping skills.

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In School

Children experiencing difficulties in their lives can present barriers to their or others learning within the school and classroom environment. Unruly behaviour, lack of engagement, difficulty with peer relationships can all be the result of challenges that the child is facing outside of school. 

Early intervention counselling supports teachers and works with these children in understanding their emotional needs, moods and behaviours to help them develop healthy coping skills with the objective of enhancing their education, bridging the attainment gap, and preparing them to lead healthy adult lives.

Our practice works in primary and secondary schools, and referral units, within London to provide one-to-one or group counselling working, were required, alongside pastoral teams and behaviour managers.

Our practice also provides awareness workshops for teachers and schools either onsite or at our facilities.

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